Short Dialogues

14 Dialogues to improve your listening and speaking skills! Level B1 / B2

The Short Dialogues Course (14 dialogues) has more advanced conversations that are full of common expressions used by native Luxembourgish speakers. It teaches you the phrases in context so that you’ll be able to remember and use them – and become more fluent in Luxembourgish as a result.

If you’re an advanced student, you might feel like you have a decent understanding of Luxembourgish, and you can communicate in practical situations… but sometimes when you hear two native Luxembourgish speakers talking, you have little to no idea what they’re saying!

What kind of Luxembourgish is this? You might almost feel like they’re speaking a different language! Suddenly you start to lose confidence and feel like you really don’t know Luxembourgish very well after all.

Informal spoken Luxembourgish – like the kind you hear in native speakers’ conversations – is full of expressions that Luxembourgish textbooks often don’t teach.

So how can you learn these expressions WITHOUT getting confused and lost in the conversation?

This course is a fun and effective way to learn new words and expressions – and improve your ability to speak in Luxembourgish.

Each lesson is based on conversations on a specific topic. Reading and listening to the dialogues will help you improve your understanding of spoken Luxembourgish.

The next part of the lesson explains the vocabulary you heard in the conversations, teaching you new words and showing you how to use them.

There are lots of practice phrases which you can listen to and repeat to improve your Luxembourgish speaking. The exercice will help you test yourself and remember the new vocabulary – and there are also opportunities for you to send speaking samples and get feedback from me – your Luxembourgish language coach!

Your Instructor

Anne Beffort
Anne Beffort

Moien, I'm Anne, your Luxembourgish language teacher and coach. I am truly dedicated and passionate about teaching and Luxembourgish. Since 2012 I’ve helped all my students progress with my experience, proven methods and learning strategies. My aim is to work with you and ensure you develop your Luxembourgish language skills and ultimately reach your goals!

" Anne adapte ses cours en fonction du niveau de l’élève et de ses besoins. Elle sait être disponible et patiente. Anne est la meilleure des enseignantes de Luxembourgeois qui m’a réellement permis d’améliorer mon niveau grâce à son expérience, sa patience et sa très grande pédagogie. Anne saura trouver la méthodologie adéquate pour vous faire progresser."

- Sébastien Brinster, Operational Risk Manager at the Banque the Luxembourg

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This course is self-paced, meaning you learn at your own rhythm.

How does each lesson work?

1) Listen to the conversation while trying to answer comprehension questions. This is very important to develop the skill of being able to understand the main details, even if you don’t understand every word yet.

2) Listen to a short extract and try to write down what you actually hear.

3) Read my explanation. I’ll teach you all the new words and expressions in the context of the conversation.

4) Next, try the vocabulary exercise to review and practice the expressions you’ve learned.

5) Finally, one of the most valuable parts of each lesson is the opportunity for you write your dialogue or text and to send in a recording of your speaking and get feedback and correction.

This method prioritizes ACTIVE learning – you’re not just passively listening but you’re actively putting it into practice. Active learning like this is the best way to improve your Luxembourgish skills for life!

This course includes

  • 12 text and audio lessons
  • My feedback on speaking exercises

After you buy the course, you’ll have instant access to the lessons, and you can also download them.

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