What will you learn?

What is this course about:

  • This course is aimed at absolute beginners
  • This course consists of 40 short and comprehensive lessons covering the basics of the language you need to introduce yourself and to talk about your daily activities.
  • Learning in small steps
  • Learning on a daily basis
  • Learning natural spoken Luxembourgish
  • Learning the vocabulary you need on an daily basis
  • Helping you to develop from the beginning your Luxembourgish language listening and speaking skills

What will you achieve after completion of the course:

  • to be able to have a short small talk conversation with native speakers
  • to understand natural and spoken Luxembourgish
  • To understand how the language functions so to be able to do your own sentences
  • to feel confident while speaking with native speakers
  • to stay motivated to continue to improve your Luxembourgish and to start level 2!