42 Day Study Plan

What will you learn in the next modules? 

1 I’ll share with you my strategies and tips on how to best describe a picture in less than 5 minutes. Being able to verbally describe a picture is an important part of the Oral Test. 

2 you’ll learn to talk about any given topic which is likely to come up on the test (2022). I'll  provide you useful vocabulary that will help you speak with ease and confidence. 

You will also learn how to create and practice your own answers to the questions the examiner may ask you. 

But keep in mind it’s also very important for you to understand the examiner’s questions

So we'll look at the different types of questions that are likely to come up for all of the topics. 

In addition I’ve created the 6-week-guide which is your guide for this entire module. This guide provides you with a day by day activity planner. If you stick to the plan and work through the content you have all you need to succeed!


Make sure to print the below study plan and track your progress by ticking off what you've completed everyday!

2022.03ST.M1.STUDY PLAN.pdf
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