Study guide introduction & progress tracker

Welcome to module 1 - A1 Foundation

This module is the foundation level. The building part of your learning journey to get started.

The A1F Study Guide consists of 8 chapters. To keep things lively, each lesson will bring you a variety of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, dialogues, interesting observations, and even introduce you to a bit of Luxembourg life and culture.

How to study with A1 Foundation?

Each chapter is broken down into 5 lessons

Day 1-5:

  • Plan 40 minutes each day to work through one lesson (5 lessons/week)

Day 6:

  • Take 25 minutes to check your understanding by completing the chapter quiz.

Day 7:

  • Take 25 minutes to practice and review the vocabulary with the online flashcards (Quizlet)


You need to decide when you'll practice: set aside a bloc of time each day to study your new language. Print the below Monthly/Weekly Planner to write down when and what you'll practice.

To track your daily progress print the below Progress Tracker and complete it once you've completed a chapter.

A1F Intro.pdf
A1 Study Planner.pdf
A1 Progress Tracker.pdf

The printed version of the study guide (booklet) is available for sale - 5€. Interested? Drop me an email with your address at [email protected]. I will send it to you by post.

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